LA CRÉATION de MFPorcelaine  

Manuela began painting about fifteen years ago on Lyon. She discovers the porcelain painting that will become her great passion.

By participating in the creative markets around Lyon, Manuela offers her creations over the years: flowers, peas, animals, lace, characters ...

But she will be passionate about poppies, her trademark.


Marilyn, from her earliest childhood has bathed in the plastic arts: oil painting, drawing classes, pastels, sand painting, painting on glass ....

But it was only at the age of 10 that she discovered porcelain painting.

Flowers, contrasting bright colors of black and modern silhouettes make up her universe. She will also exhibit with her mother in many salons of Lyon.


In 2016, is born the MFPorcelaine project, a common passion to share their creations and promote this activity, initially in Lyon, but also internationally through their online store.